84 Flags On the Beach

First Contact

71st of Spring

After completing their watches late that morning, the expedition became aware they were being watched. The newcomer was a man such as they’d never seen before, small and grey and dressed in bizarre clothes. After some tense greetings and it becoming clear that he couldn’t speak their language, Malika and Katro and Sir Travith went elsewhere to try to find another way into/out of the city while Count Levelar Vlalrey apparently tried to find a way to communicate with the odd man.
As they returned from finding the ruins where there had once been a bridge, they heard shouting and found that the newcomer had crossed into the city but been injured by the moat. As the Wreshtans debated amongst themselves what to do with him, a gigantic monster of bone suddenly loomed into view!


matthartman42 matthartman42

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