84 Flags On the Beach

A Deathly Rubicon

70th of Spring (Continued)

Although they were suspicious of the strangely lifeless moat, Malika urged that the expedition not look for another way across in the interest of saving time. With Count Levelar Vlalrey preparing a rope for them to climb, they swam the clear waters.
This proved a nearly fatal mistake. The moat was cursed or otherwise supernaturally dangerous and drained the heat and life out of anyone in it rapidly- explaining why nothing was growing in it. Katro Vanivis nearly died before he was able to climb out and the water’s taint also weakened the healing wand the party had brought along severely.
With sundown upon them, the expedition decided to make camp without looking around further.
During the middle of the night they were attacked by a strange monster, seemingly an animated skeleton filled with serpents. All save Malika who spent most of the fight putting on her armor were nearly killed.


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