Named Settlers of Grahlt

Ahlan: a soldier of Markavia, tall with sun-bleached hair. While not as cheerful as his friend, Mem, he was a dutiful and stalwart servant of the Duke. He was struck down by stealth by a hideous creature his companions dubbed a Snakeleech, though he lingered on for some hours after the attack. Died 64th of Spring III 801.

Arkvern: A bald and brawny Markavian farmer.

Ashkantir: One of only a handful of colonists who not only volunteered but paid to be part of the expedition, everything from his motives to even his gender is conjecture at best. He wears an all-concealing hooded robe of the purest black and a hideous, red demon mask beneath that and speaks only in a dull and uninflected monotone when he talks at all to hide his identity. Other than that he bears a very long, two-handed curved sword of presumably foreign origin and a rare longbow on his back. On pouches hung from his rope belt he carries a few essentials but nothing else. Although someone so openly up to mysterious things was at first almost comforting to the Wreshtans aboard, something about him rankles with nearly everyone and a foul stench follows him. People who have seen him fight speak in hushed tones of his blinding speed and agility

Count Levelar Vlalrey: Nouveau riche but apparently a trusted confidante of the duke, why precisely he was chosen to be one of the expedition leaders is not entirely clear. He is old and wrinkled and darkly tanned and though he dressed every inch the rich fop back in Markavia, he switched to more practical- and even rather crude- garb in Grahlt. He evidently tires easily and his hands often shake with noticeable tremors and his gait is unsteady, but his senses and wits are still sharp and he is always ready to dispense an aphorism or a kind word where one is needed. Ashkantir apparently thinks him to be a renowned swordsman.

Halkrar: A short, brawny farming man with long, dark hair that makes some wonder if he might be half orcish. He was mauled by an Ashcat on the 68th of Spring, but survived.

Klenming: The expedition’s doctor and apothecary, he is a short and slight human with a prominent, hawkish nose and large spectacles. He is easily flustered and does not like interruptions or offers of help by the unqualified while he works and is not very talkative.

Krislar: A tall, slim, and tanned fisherman.

Lorin: A Markavian farmer fat and jovial and well-liked who got drunk on the Winter Wind’s grog and fell overboard to his death on the 55th of Spring III 801.

Mayglin: A nervous human who apparently is not very fond of the duke- or at least is opposed to dedicating time and resources to building him a grand house before food and safety are guaranteed.

Mem: A short, young, and dark-haired boy apparently a soldier of Markavia. He was assigned to the expedition with his friend Ahlan who he looked up to and proved cheerful and obedient- if perhaps a bit dim. He was devastated by Ahlan’s death.

Metaxas: Like Ashkantir he paid for the privilege of settling Grahlt and his motives are likewise uncertain. He however is the subject of great suspicion and rumor-mongering by his fellow passengers because his garb and dark skin and red hair and short stature mark him as a foreigner and because he is rumored to possess magical powers. He seems to be a kindly man and is said to be prodigiously strong.

Oshkr: A man whose slight build belies his claims to being a farmer, he speaks seldom and briefly.

Torjvyn: An elderly dwarven smith, somewhat fat and white-bearded. He is a proud descendant of an ancient dwarven smith, Torjvyn Fistforger.

Named Settlers of Grahlt

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