84 Flags On the Beach

Welcome to the Jungle

66th-70th of Spring

While the colonists set about making their now official settlement site into a home, Lady Malika Hangale and Sir Travith the Garrulous were confined to their beds for two whole days as they slowly recovered from the wounds they’d dealt one another.

On the morning of the 68th they were well enough to go forward with the expedition they had planned in the meantime: a 9 day round trip into the jungle and the unknown out beyond the hills they’d found to see out Grahltian civilization or find what it had left behind.
Specifically they were to stop once again at the small ruin of Chanmony and then from there go onward to another site Sir Travith thought he’d seen from the hilltop. They’d either find that city inhabited or take some time to explore the ruins and then return. The group traveled fairly light and there was much shuffling of gear to optimize their packs.

For several days the rains had ceased and the weather had become if anything even sunnier and hotter. This hampered the journey up the River Lorin, as did mysterious attacks from several animals such as the ferocious Ashcat. Still the explorers pushed on. They reached Chanmony, spent the night there, and the next morning got their bearings and set out toward what looked like it might very well be an inhabited city.

Meanwhile Ashkantir set out with the four remaining soldiers who were well enough to go (Mem is still grief-stricken) to clear the nearby woods of Ashcats and other perils.

The next day proved an unpleasant one. The heat wave continued, they no longer had a river to follow and thus were low on water, and they had to fight off horrible giant spiders. They went to bed on the night of the 69th parched and tired but early the next morning were fortunate enough to stumble across the stream they had been looking for. Joyously, they named it the River Katar.


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