84 Flags On the Beach

Trouble in Paradise

63rd-64th of Spring

The expeditionary party had found the ruins of Chanmony with somewhat unfortunate timing. There weren’t enough hours of daylight left to return, but there were still enough left that just sitting around would be a waste. That however was more or less what they did. They investigated the well and found it at least superficially trustworthy, though no one drank of it. Others in the group noticed that the surviving stele held a precisely located mirror that seemed designed to reflect the light of the noonday sun onto the cistern pool. There was speculation about whether it might be part of a timekeeping device or some sort of religious artifact. Eventually Katro went to hunt in the woods (he survived an attack by a large jungle cat and brought it back to eat and glimpsed a little creature he dubbed a Green Deer). While he was gone a vast flock of cawing crows overflew the camp and spooked the other explorers, Malika and Sir Travith the Garrulous then again climbed the nearby ridge and surveyed the surrounding lands.
In their makeshift camp the reunited explorers managed to cook the cat despite poorly timed rains. However, its meat was grey and proved to taste absolutely terrible. They thus named the creature an Ashcat.
After another poor night’s sleep they then set out back to Nemarka, it was a grueling journey for they were already worn down and the heat was even more oppressive than before. What’s more, the stalwart Ahlan was struck down by some sort of foul creature (A black and slithering thing big as a snake but that apparently drank his blood like a leech) although they didn’t get a good look at the escaping animal they dubbed it a Snakeleech. Carrying Ahlan and a heatstruck (and sorrowful) Mem and Malika, they eventually staggered back into camp. Fenris Niehran had slipped off to go before them and apparently prepare the way, for when they arrived they found a welcome welcome waiting.
The doctor, one Alenin, did his best to care for Ahlan and Mem but the former soon perished. While surveying the now much more orderly campsite and talking to the inhabitants, the party learned that Ashkantir and Count Levelar Vlalrey were to duel at sundown. Apprehensive, they joined many of the others in watching. It proved to be quite a spectacle: although the count seemed at first to be winning, Ashkantir bested him only to surrender instead.


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