84 Flags On the Beach

The End of the Beginning

62nd-63rd of Spring

Everyone wakes late on the 62nd to find it an extremely hot and humid day, no one is accustomed to what seems to be the normal weather in Grahlt. Eventually Sir Travith is able to get the weaponry back together and organized while Malika Hangale had most of the spoiled water thrown out and replaced with fresh water from the nearby and newly named Lorin River. Katro was unable to verify for sure whether the water is safe, but there’s little alternative for the presence. Those who don’t trust it drink some of the dwindling grog supplies.

In the afternoon, Sir Travith organizes an expeditionary source to try to find the highlands they saw from the boat and were considering as a better site for the colony than the current beachside area. He, Malika, Fenris, and two soldiers named Mem and Ahlan set out along the river in hopes it will led them to higher ground.

Count Levelar Vlalrey was left in charge back at the base camp.

The trek is grueling, the underbrush is so thick that Katro has to try to cut through it with their swords. Mosquitos and heat and the frustrating pace take a toll on everyone. There is talk of turning back and trying the journey in stages, particularly when it’s realized that they don’t have enough supplies.

An uneasy but uneventful night passes. The next day there is again talk of returning to camp, but Fenris Niehan overruled it and forced everyone onward for a few more hours despite on and off rainstorms. Before there could be any sort of mutiny, he was vindicated as the party finally broke free of the jungle and began climbing the steep but less densely forested hills. By noon they had crested the highest ridge and were taking stock of their surroundings. At that moment, Mem shouted that he had found something. Following the sound, the rest of the expedition discovered a small set of ruins in a secluded glen. This land is inhabited!


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