84 Flags On the Beach

Expeditious Retreat

71st of Spring (Continued) - 74th of Spring

Eluding the giant bone monstrousity, the explorers made their way out of the city with a few mishaps and then made their way back to camp.

It took three days and was as exhausting as the first half of the trip, but just as strangely as they had begun the animal attacks stopped. They were replaced by a just as dangerous enemy: illness. Count Levelar and Katr Vanivis came down with fevers and other symptoms and even Malika and Sir Travith didn’t feel entirely well. Katro had the worst of it though, whatever he’d caught gradually destroyed his vision. By the time they bedraggled group reached base camp, they had to lead him instead.

With all the other leaders gone, Fenris Niehran had had to assume control of everything and was apparently none too glad of all the added work. He’d continued to have the nearby trees cleared and had nearly finished making a stockade around Nemarka. Ashkantir had gone out with all the soldiers some days back to clear the woods of animals, but returned alone on the 72nd saying they had all been killed.

Late at night on the 74th the expedition leaders returned with Ovroc the strange native to Nemarka.


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