84 Flags On the Beach


75th of Spring

Waking late that morning with Katro none the better, Sir Travith and Malika went to find Fenris Neihran to have him call a meeting so they could regale the townspeople with the story of the journey while the Count tried to make some sense out of Ovroc’s strange ramblings.

Neither had much luck it seems. Fenris pointed out that he was rather busy trying to get the town organized, cutting wood and so forth. Ovroc seems to have disappeared. Ashkantir, the sole survivor of the small foray that meant to wipe out the nearby Ashcats, continues to practice restlessly down by the beach.

The leaders decided to organize another expedition immediately instead of calling the meeting afterall after talking to Dr. Klenming and finding out Katro did not seem about to recover.


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