84 Flags On the Beach

A Breathing Space

65th of Spring

The next morning the expeditionary leaders organized everyone to begin work clearing out and cutting down the bushes and trees on a planned 10 mile path up to the highlands they scouted. The work was exhausting and slow in the hot sun; at the end of the day only about half a mile had been traveled and it was not a very wide path.

Ahlan, having died the previous night, was quietly buried. Mem would be distraught, but he was apparently unconscious and still recuperating from his adventure the days before.

Other notable incidents included a raid by several dozen small, nimble, thieving mammals about the size of cats but with even longer tails and the ability to jump and climb very quickly indeed. The creatures, which made off with some food, were tentatively dubbed ‘Little Lorins.’

Ashkantir asked Count Levelar Vlalrey to take him on as a pupil and the aged count agreed.

After work ended, the expeditionary leaders- with the exception of Fenris Niehran gathered all the settlers together and addressed them about possibly changing the work schedule to avoid the hottest parts of the day. The reception to this was lukewarm at best and discussion shifted to why the great road was even being built in the first place. As tensions mounted and people argued over whether food, defenses, or building a proper residence for Duke Markavia when he arrived should be the priority, a man named Mayglin shouted ‘Damn the [duke’s] house and damn the Duke!’ For his crime against the state Count Levelar Vlalrey pointed out he could be put in the stocks for a day or executed if this was his second offense, but ultimately waived the punishment entirely in light of there not being any stocks around to use. In the end though, it was decided that building the road wasn’t worth the effort and thus the settlers would stay at Nemarka and start building it up properly the next day.

Malika, Sir Travith, and Katro all found their tents had been gone through, though nothing had been taken. Sir Travith in fact nearly caught whoever or whatever had been in his.

That night, Count Levelar Vlalrey held a secret meeting with Malika Hangale, Sir Travith, and Katro Vanivis. He discussed with them that the Duke probably had dangerous enemies in the camp who they should be on guard against, and then also suggested that another and longer expedition into the jungle be taken to find whoever made the ancient ruins and whether they are friend or foe.

Having annoyed one another with barbs about armor and fighting skill all day, Malika Hangale and Sir Travith the Garrulous fought each other in an ill-tempered duel shortly thereafter. Both were very badly injured.


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